Easter Rebirth

After a long journey bringing two dear friends home from Florida during the past two days I am grateful for the spirit and renewal of Easter.  My work as most of you know creates small changes over a long period of time to create a big change when all of the pieces come together as part of the natural healing system.  While traveling and seeing the dramatic changes that have occurred in these horses more validation of the power of small subtle changes rings more true than ever.  My two horse friends have undergone training and excelled and yet the space to process these changes in new thought forms, physical expressions of their amazing athletic ability, and mental processing of information was left unavailable.  Space as I refer to frequently in my work as you know between spinal joints, muscle fibers, thoughts, and boundaries between horse and rider, I have come to realize on this latest trip, are primary. Without the space between the physicality remains confused with only muscle memory without the harmony created between the mental and physical and I would add spiritual.  I am grateful my friends are in their beloved home to rest and rejuvenate this spring day.  And to be reborn.  As my work is reborn a deeper commitment to space between and  subtle energetic boundaries are more committed than ever.  May we all remember as we embrace the beauty of spring that energy is stronger when given space to breathe and in that way be uplifted so we may reach our true connected potential.


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