Key Burns is a clinical human, equine and canine body worker who combines multiple healing modalities with medical intuitiveness. Key is a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing and Karuna schools and she has practiced actively for the past 15 years. A nationally certified clinical massage therapist and licensed in many states including NY, she has more than 2,500 hours of education in the field of massage and kinesiology in addition to over 20 years of hands-on work with humans and animals. She focuses her practice on horses, humans and dogs and specializes in the unique relationship between horse and rider and dog and handler.Key trained at the Ojai School of Massage and Touch Therapy Institutes in California, Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in CT, the Upledger Institute for Cranial Sacral therapy, and with the London Bach Centre to achieve certification as a registered Bach Flower Practitioner.Key teaches regular workshops in Pet First Aid and CPR, Reiki, Reiki for animals, Animal Communication, Color Therapy, Bach Flowers and Aroma therapy.  Serving clients nationally, Key gives regular treatments lasting approximately one hour in length and also does long distance healing techniques.Her publishing credits include articles in Holistic Horse and Show Circuit Magazines and her television appearances include Animal Planet’s Beverly Hills Vet.  Key has been a professional rescuer since 1987 and teaches workshops on disaster preparedness and CPR and First aid for the American Red Cross on a regular basis. Believing strongly in preparing for emergencies Key encourages people to have an emergency plan for their animals and is an active supporter of the American Search Dog Foundation and the American Red Cross.

Key lives in Bedford, NY with her ten-year-old daughter Michaela; her four dogs Australian Shepherd, Haley, Jack Russell, Yankee; and two rescue Arubian puppies, and a various collection of horses, cats, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, rabbits, hamsters, and fish.

For more information or to speak with Key please email info@keyburns.com or call (914) 433-1505


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