Orange oil is my hero!

For anxiety I use essential oil of Orange.  Place two to three drops on your palm, rub together, and wave near your nose or child or animal you are trying to help.  It works so quickly and takes the emotional edge off the situation.  My daughter worships it and uses it before new situations, test anxiety, and meeting new people.  Plus my highly reactive horse calms right down after he smells this fantastically sweet scent!  I find it helps with focus as it removes the stress that causes a  lack of clarity and fogginess of mental states.  It is unbelievable how helpful it is.  The oil can burn sensitive skin and also make you photosensitive which is why I wave it near the animal or person and do not apply directly to skin.  Enjoy your scentual experience!


I love Autumn.

One of the things I love most about living in New England is the fall. Walking to my barn with coffee in the morning to feed and water my horses I enjoy the crispness of the air and happy sounds the birds sing. The leaves are changing color now and dropping. Sweaters get pulled out of their summer packaging and long pants replace shorts. The gold, orange, and burgandy colors match the crispness in the air and the apples and pumpkins so abundant in North Salem. People come from all over to attend Fall Festivals, apple pick, and sample local farmer specialties. If you are in North Salem, NY, Harvest Moon Orchard on Hardscrabble Road has the best pumpkin cheesecake you can imagine. Stop by for a free sample and enjoy fall at its best!

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